We are Open!

6th May 2020

We have adjusted our manufacturing practices in line with Government guidelines and working with our delivery partners have now developed a safe, contactless despatch and delivery system so we are now able to re-open our webstore.

  Please note, we will be operating on minimum staff levels, but we will endeavour to despatch your order within 2-3 working days.

 We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and thanks to all our customers for their messages and support in these difficult times.

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance Made Easy

Imagine a device that turns itself on when you need it...... and then turns itself off again when you don't!

One that works without you having to do any wiring or to drill any holes in your engine!

Something which doesn't need a power supply because it harvests the energy it needs from the road that you ride on. 

A device that could make your chain last up to 5 x longer and make chain adjustment a rare task! 

Meet the TUTORO Auto

A unique, patented chain oiler that's hand built in England.

It needs no vacuum/intake pipe connection, or any type of electrical supply because the TUTORO is activated by the motion of the ride.

Automatic On when you ride - Automatic Off again when you stop.

Fully Adjustable Oil Flow Control so the same oil can be used in a wide range of climates.

 A TUTORO will save you Time and Money - Less maintainence for you and drastically increasing the service life of your Chain and Sprocket sets.

Easy to install with a full colour 48 page Workshop Manual provided with every kit Plus a wealth of information on our website Support pages.

Fitting a TUTORO means no parasitic battery drain or ECU error issues.

...and because the TUTORO is completely autonomous it won't invalidate your motorcycle's warranty.

TUTORO - the Motion activated motorcycle chain oiler

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Workshop Manual
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