Which Kit for my Bike?

There are TWO critical factors to consider when choosing a kit.
  1. WHERE is it going to be installed on the Motorcycle?.
  2. HOW will it attach to that location?.

    Where...when considering "Where" avoid locations that could involve the TUTORO from coming into contact with moving parts - such as the swing-arm and chain guard.Also choose a location that is not going to become hot such as near an exhaust header pipe - a classic example is the rear cylinder exhaust on a "V" Twin such as KTM 1190.

    How...If the location you want to use has a round section frame then almost certainly using a rubber lined "P" Clip is the way to go (Motor factors sell hundreds of sizes so its easy find one to suit).
    If you have a suitable bolt or bolt hole in a good safe location then the Pro-Fix bolt bracket is a great choice.
    If your location has a nice flat surface then the Multi-fit bracket that comes with every TUTORO is extremely flexible and works brilliantly.
    Also bear in mind that components from the multi-fit bracket set like the " Dogleg" and the "Right Angle" can be used with either the Pro-Fix bolt bracket or a "P" clip to ensure the TUTORO is mounted in an upright position.
    However you choose to mount the TUTORO Auto it MUST be rigidly attached to the motorcycle - a loose fitting will seriously impair the oilers ability to operate.
    There are three ways that you can attach the TUTORO to your motorcycle.
    • 1. Use the Multi Fit Bracket Set included with all the Kits by attaching the ‘Foot’ section onto a FLAT piece of the bike’s frame and then using the other multi fit bracket pieces (dog leg and/or right angle) to facilitate positioning the reservoir into an upright position.
    • Bracket sets should not be used on narrow round bar sections, ideally not less than 30mm in diameter. Jubilee clips (Worm drive hose clamps) can be used instead of cable ties to get a really firm mounting. 
    • 2. If your bike only has round frame sections then buy an appropriately sized rubber lined P Clip to fit around the frame and then use the dog leg and/or the right angle pieces from the multi fit bracket set to facilitate positioning the reservoir into an upright position.
    You can purchase "P" Clips from motor factors (Halfords for instance), ask for rubber lined stainless steel. There are dozens of sizes available so we don't carry stock ourselves. Make sure you obtain a size just a bit smaller than the round bar it has to go around so that you can tighten it up properly.
    • 3. If your bike has an existing bolt hole in a suitable position, you can fix the Pro Fix bolt bracket to it and then either attach the reservoir directly to the other end or use the dog leg and or the right angle pieces from the multi fit bracket set to facilitate positioning the reservoir into an upright position.

    See here for how some customers have installed their oilers Example installations
    Each of the individual product’s mentioned above has its own write up and photos if you view the item via the website catalogue page but if anything is not clear then please do come back to us. Also see our Support and FAQ Tab.
    The Auto Patrol Kit is suitable for motorcycles with a Toe Guard Fin adjacent to the rear sprocket so that the single feed nozzle can be mounted to this Fin.  
    The Auto TREK Kit is suitable for motorcycles that do not have a Toe Guard Fin because the Kit contains the TUTORO Shark Fin nozzle anchor.
    The Auto Adventure Kit is suitable for all motorcycles as it contains all the main TUTORO accessories, 500ml original oil and 500ml of High Temp Plus25 Oil and spares for those embarking on a long distance Adventure.
    When choosing your Kit, please bear in mind the following points.
    • The TUTORO Auto needs to be installed rigidly in an upright position when the bike is on its centre stand and no more than 12° from upright when on the side stand.
    • When installing the TUTORO Auto you need to ensure that it’s not going to get hit from below by the swing arm.
    • Install the oiler and delivery hose well away from any heat sources.
    • The TUTORO Auto is 100mm tall and 45mm in diameter, its capacity is approx. 45ml of oil. So leave yourself enough room above the oiler to remove the cap for refills.
    • V Twin owners- beware of siting the oiler or the oil delivery hose near the rear cylinder exhaust pipe - there is a vast amount of heat emitted from the rear header pipe which can over time induce long term thermal stresses to the oiler components, we have even seen the clear acrylic reservoir melt! (albeit only in extreme cases). More commonly the heat thins the oil in the reservoir and makes flow control difficult.