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 Last Posting dates for Christmas Delivery UK = Friday 19th Dec, EU = 12th Dec, Rest of World 4th Dec 


The concept

The TUTORO concept is all about stripping away the unnecessary and leaving only the useful. We've carried this concept throughout our product range and instead of adding cost or complexity, we've concentrated on the engineering.

Our products

All TUTORO products are crafted with precision using high quality materials. For example, each moulded part of our new TUTORO Auto oiler is machined to an accuracy of 5 microns! Thats 20x thinner than a human hair.

Why buy TUTORO?

TUTORO's are manufactured and hand assembled in our small factory in Gloucestershire.  A TUTORO is a precision engineered device which is simple to fit in under an hour, installation requires no specialist tools. It is the only Automatic chain oiler that wont potentially invalidate your warranty or interfere with the bikes electrical  or vacuum/induction systems. Guaranteed for 2 Years a TUTORO Auto is Fully Serviceable and with care will last a lifetime. Fitting a TUTORO Chain oiler will save you time and money both now and for many years to come! See our cost/benefit analysis here!


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