9. TUTORO Replacement Twin Feed Nozzle

9. TUTORO Replacement Twin Feed Nozzle

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Replacement TUTORO Twin Feed Nozzle
(Not for use with single side swing arm motorcycles)
  • Whilst all our products are built with durable, quality materials, the time may come when you may need to replace the feed nozzle.

  • The nozzle is by its very nature, a consumable item, however if fitted correctly and securely very little wear will occur.

  • Please note we cannot be held responsible for normal wear and tear or accidental damage to the nozzle.

  • See here for Key Information on Nozzle Alignment

IMPORTANT - When installing the twin feed nozzle it must be aligned so that the sprocket is central to the nozzle i.e. both nozzle tips must touch the sprocket at the same time. If it is not properly aligned then there will be an unequal pressure on one nozzle leading to premature wear and eventually you will find that one tip will miss the sprocket entirely.

It is highly recommended that the nozzle tips are trimmed to suit the sprocket so that they effect a light sliding fit on the sprocket face- This avoids "excess drag" which can lead to the nozzle being forced out of alignment.