TUTORO P Clip Fitting Accessory

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TUTORO 13mm "P Clip "

(for the TUTORO Manual)

 A Steel, rubber lined, clamp to grip the reservoir and provide a neat secure way of bolting a TUTORO Manual oiler to your machine, often possible using an existing bolt on the bike.

Can be used in conjunction with a simple aluminium cuff or bracket (not supplied) wrapped around the frame of the bike.

The bolt hole size is M5 but due to the numerous attachment/fixing permutations possible we do not supply the bolt and/or nut.

Please note this "P" Clip is for use with the TUTORO Manual and will not fit around the reservoir of the TUTORO Auto.


Other "P" Clips of the appropriate size can be used to attach the TUTORO Auto Multi-Fit Bracket to your Bike's frame but since there are a multitude of frame sizes we do not stock them.

If you wish to use this method measure the frame you wish to attach to and visit your local motor factors to obtain a suitable "P" Clip- please note you should obtain a size a few mm smaller than the frame diameter so that the "P" clip can be tightened effectively.