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TUTORO, the answer to a 21st century problem.

Chain oilers are great for keeping your chain and sprockets in good order with minimal maintenance!

But don't most automatic oilers usually need to be connected into the vacuum system or wired into the motorcycles wiring loom?

Cutting into the motorcycle's systems, is that a problem?

Potentially Yes!...Modern motorcycles run sophisticated engine management systems which can detect any aftermarket devices which interface with the engine or wiring loom - leading to errors, malfunctions and damage - none of which would be covered by any manufacturers warranty.

This is why we developed the TUTORO Auto!

The TUTORO's unique autonomous self-actuation system negates the need to connect it to any of the motorcycle's electrical or vacuum induction systems.

Put simply, the TUTORO Auto oils your chain when you ride!

.......and stops oiling it when you stop riding!

Consequently, fitting the Auto will not, in any way, jeopardize the machines systems or put any warranty under threat!

You don't have to risk cutting into your machines wiring loom or dismantling complex air induction systems to make the TUTORO Auto work!.

The TUTORO Auto is suitable for DIY installation and takes 45 minutes or less to do so.

No specialist tools or knowledge is required, all you need do is take a look at our easy-to-follow, richly illustrated instruction manual and a good look at your bike to decide where best to fit it. We supply a range of fitting accessories to help you with your choices.

The Auto is approx. 100mm long and 45mm in diameter, so its easy to find it a home on your bike whilst still holding sufficient oil for over a thousand miles of riding!.

The TUTORO Auto comes with comprehensive fitting instructions and the additional benefit of a range of instructional videos available on the website.

If you are not sure about fitting it yourself, a qualified mechanic will be able to do it for you in less than half an hour.

 Each TUTORO Auto Kit contains

  • 1x TUTORO Auto

  • 1x 1.5m Oil delivery hose

  • 1x Stainless Steel Multi-fit Bracket Kit

  • 1x Single feed nozzle

  • Full colour illustrated instruction sheet

  • 250ml TUTORO Original Chain Oil


 See here for Key Information on Nozzle Alignment

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Designed, Developed and Manufactured in the UK