8. TUTORO Helix Nozzle positioning device

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The TUTORO Helix was developed in response to meeting the demands of those customers whose Motorbikes featured more challenging designs of Swinging Arm.

See our Nozzle Alignment page for key information!

Please note the Helix should not be used with a twin feed nozzle on single side swing arm motorcycles

On some motorcycle swing arms it is difficult to provide a firm anchor point and/or a short unsupported delivery hose immediately adjacent to the Twin Feed nozzle. The problem then being that a long unsupported length of delivery hose could lead to the nozzle drooping down over time and coming into contact with the chain and being subsequently lost or damaged.

Searching for a way to provide the conflicting requirements of rigidity in use yet flexibilty in fitting we came up with one of nature's solutions, the helix spiral.!

A light weight alloy wire wrapped in a helical fashion around a microbore nylon tube provides the best of both worlds, easy to form into the shape required and yet light and strong with virtually no "memory" effect, it holds the shape you give it and supports the oil feed nozzle lightly but firmly in place.

As always your safety is paramount, because the TUTORO Helix is constructed from alloy and nylon, unlike other nozzle mounting systems, if the worst happens and the Helix gets entangled in your chain, it will not damage the either the chain or sprockets or cause the back wheel to uncontrollably lock up.

The same cannot be said of a steel component based system, if that gets into the drive chain ? lets just say the best you can expect is damage to the Chain and Sprocket set.

So there it is, the TUTORO Helix, a safe, low cost, effective way of accurately lubricating your chain.

Please note that colours may vary.