1. TUTORO Auto - Kit 1 - Pro

1. TUTORO Auto - Kit 1 - Pro

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TUTORO Auto "Pro" Edition  

Starts oiling your chain automatically when you ride,

Stops oiling your chain automatically when you stop

The "Pro" kit consists of a complete TUTORO Auto Standard Kit, plus the following accessories. 
Tech Specs
The TUTORO Auto is approx. 100mm tall and 45mm in diameter. It has a capacity of 45ml giving an operating range of 600-1000+ miles depending the flow rate selected.
The Workshop Manual is available free HERE
Read "How it works" HERE
Going Off Road?, you may want to consider the TUTORO Stone Shield 

See here for Key information on Nozzle Alignment!

We've included comprehensive instructions in English, but you can also view our installation videos: Our easy 10 step install guide

* Please state your choice of Chain Oil either Original or Plus25 (High Temp) Oil in the notes box when you check out. If no choice is made then our original oil will be supplied. "Which oil should I use"

International Orders - Please note we can only supply one bottle of oil per order due to shipping restrictions.

(TUTORO Auto patent number GB2496094)